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KARTEK PASLANMAZ Founded in 1996, our goal was to provide our customers with the best value and variety of top of the line products and services to create ideal outdoor living spaces. Today, the KP team builders are happy to have met that goal. We continue in our mission to give you the outdoor area you’ve always wanted.

You can feel confident relying on the KP team. Our owners’ 19 years of combined experience

in the Metal industry, along with hundreds of satisfied clients, makes KP a trusted resource for all of your outdoor living area needs. Activities in continues of brass, stainless steel, iron works, construction commitment furniture and decoration.


Our Mission& Quality Policy


➢  Activities in continues of brass, stainless steel, iron works, construction commitment furniture and decoration.

➢  To provide expectations and requirement products and services for the industry's.

➢  It works continuously to keep up for developing R & D and technology department day by day.

➢  Ownership of effectively sources to use.

➢  Developing new products in a way of commensurate with technical standards and expectations.


We are proud to present the beautiful and unique handcrafted metal work of



Over the last 19 years we have created some of the most inspired metal work.


Our work ranges from Architectural metal work to pieces. Each completed project is a piece

of art expressing our passion. We produce different kinds of products like banister, balustrade, spiral, stair, window, fence, and door. We offer the best quality wrought iron gates that come in variety of designs, shapes and style.




Interior Decoration Steel Productions Stair/ Spiral Stairs

Pergola / Roofs Stainless Steel Productions Wrought Iron Productions

Art Work Brass Productions Miscellaneous


For the last 19 years, we’ve worked alongside the architecture and design community, creating some of the world’s most recognizable projects. We’re continually striving to fulfill the needs of architects and designers with products that meet

the highest standards. Our KP® Metal products have been developed to assist the architects of today in designing the projects of tomorrow




Learn More


➢  Call +90 212 325 28 20   to speak with a customer service specialist.



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Ziya Gökalp Mh. Tosunpaşa Cd. No:15 BAŞAKŞEHİR / İSTANBUL

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